Why Do I Need A Dual Suspension Mountain Bike?

Why Do I Need A Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
July 22, 2022 Mountain bikes

Tips before buying a suspension mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are an excellent place to start for cyclists who wish to spice up their weekends with some action and physical training. Of course, you can sometimes do that with regular bikes but not always.

When you consider the adaptability of this bike over a regular one, more challenging terrain comes to mind. You’ll be thinking of those exciting, difficult paths that other bikers always rave about. Admittedly, having the appropriate gear for harsher terrain is always a good idea. However, is a dual suspension mountain bike really necessary?

Why buy a dual suspension mountain bike?

Let’s say you’re new to mountain biking or have an older bike and are considering a new one. You’re probably wondering if you need to buy a dual suspension mountain bike or not. What you choose depends largely on numerous criteria particular to you. Still, it is worth noting that an increasing number of riders are getting one. Dual suspension mountain bikes have improved much in terms of style, innovation, and features in recent decades. A dual suspension bike definitely provides many significant advantages more than regular or hardtail bikes.

Dual suspension bikes are more efficient than hardtail mountain bikes. Its build transforms your pedalling much more effectively than previous designs. Whether you’re considering a downhill or a long-distance bike, a dual suspension bike fits. With it, your pedalling will be more efficient, which leads to more effortless forward motion.

This is then combined with the shock-absorbing ability of the suspension systems. This provides a certain quality of riding satisfaction that other bikes cannot match.

For example, this ride is much smoother because you will not be jostled around due to the control in dual suspension bikes. As a result, your ride will be more relaxed and less tense. This decreases tiredness and allows you to pedal faster and for longer periods of time.

Other sports that use wheels on dirt or pavement use some sort of suspension. Any significant increases in speed have coincided with advancements in suspension technology. That makes it even more reasonable that mountain bikes have dual suspension to ensure ease of use.

4 questions you need to ask before getting a dual suspension bike

4 questions you need to ask before getting a dual suspension bike

If you are not sure whether to get a suspension bike or not, you can ask yourself the following questions.

1. How difficult are the tracks I’ll be riding?

 A dual suspension mountain bike is much more fun to ride in rougher terrain. You just smoothly ride over the difficult areas instead of spending time looking for “safer” paths. With a hardtail, it is much harder to do this.

2. How quickly do I want to go on uphill slopes?

If uphill speed is important to you, a dual suspension may not be the best choice. The added weight of the bike and the pedal bob will make it much harder to ride to the top.

3. Will I ride this bike on paved lanes or public roads?

The comfort advantages of dual suspension mountain bikes on highways and paved bike lanes are modest but present. So, unless your main objective is to have an extremely comfortable ride, this bike would do pretty well.

4. Is it possible to add to my budget for a dual suspension mountain bike?

You can purchase a nice hardtail bike for approximately the same price as an entry-level dual suspension bike. However, you’ll need to spend a bit more money to acquire the same components as a dual suspension on a hardtail bike.

Pros of a dual suspension bike

  • Improved braking mechanisms
  • Improved control on technical descents
  • Improved performance on harder terrain
  • Improved back wheel grip on rocky uphills
  • Design improvements help you add style.
  • Comfortable longer rides
  • Better rear suspension absorbs errors

Cons of a suspension mountain bike

  • More expensive than a similarly equipped hardtail mountain bike
  • Heavier than regular bikes or hardtails
  • Not required by some riders to ride well
  • Servicing is a bit more expensive.
  • Possible issues with incorrectly set up bike parts
Why should I go for a dual suspension mountain bike

Why should I go for a dual suspension mountain bike?

Dual suspension mountain bikes are ideal for conquering the more strenuous trails and enjoying the action on the downhills. It allows for harder impacts and steeper descents. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt each time you hit bad turns at high speeds.

Dual suspension mountain bikes are perfect if you’re the type to spend a lot of time on your bike. A long ride on a regular or hardtail bike will exhaust you since you’ll have to readjust every time the route becomes difficult. Because of that, you will absorb all of the hits on the back wheel. This extra force can get you to tire easily and sore much sooner.

Having a dual suspension mountain bike means that the rear shock absorbs and lessens the back wheel impact. In turn, you can stay in your seat without readjustments.  Therefore, getting a dual suspension mountain bike saves a great deal of energy and effort in those final kilometres. If all of this seems appealing and reasonable, you should get one now.

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