The Best Cycling Routes in Newcastle

The Best Cycling Routes in Newcastle
January 21, 2023 Cycling routes

Try out these awesome cycling routes on your next ride!

Cycling is a fun activity that also doubles as exercise. It is one of the most popular sports in the world and can be done almost anywhere. Although not many cities cater to cyclists and go for cars instead, Newcastle is different.

Newcastle has many cycling routes and spots for cyclists of all kinds and levels. There is a route for everyone here, from inexperienced beginners to experienced professionals. There are many options in Newcastle, but don’t worry if you do not know where to start. Here are some things that can help you choose the best cycling route.

4 Things You Should Do When Choosing The Best Cycling Route

4 Things You Should Do When Choosing The Best Cycling Route

Familiarise yourself with the route and the surrounding areas

When choosing the best cycling route for your bike ride, you need to be familiar with the route. If you are new to a location, you have to be sure that you research the route you are taking. Knowing about the cycling route’s surrounding locations helps as well. If you aren’t familiar with your planned cycling course, it can pose some problems. For example, it will be difficult for you when an emergency happens in an unfamiliar area.

By familiarising yourself with the cycling route, you can find spots to relax and have fun. This can greatly enhance your cycling experience and make it easier for you.

Prepare yourself and your biking gear

You need to be prepared inside and out when choosing your cycling route. Before you set off, you need to prepare your gear according to your trail. You also need to ask yourself if your body can handle the route itself.

Many things can go wrong when unprepared, even on an easy route. So, make sure that you have your gear in top shape before heading out. It would also help if you bring emergency repair kits, water, and snacks. Be sure to prepare for bad weather too. Try to make a plan on what to do in case an emergency happens as well.

Make sure the route difficulty is something you can manage

Do not overestimate yourself or your bike when choosing routes. You don’t want to go on a track and end up winded or injured in the middle. Pushing yourself to your limits is one of the joys of cycling, but don’t do it too much. Do not rush into a track just because it sounds fun. Make sure it’s doable given your and your gear’s current state.

If cycling in a group, ensure that everyone can manage the route difficulty. It would be a hassle if the group has to keep stopping if someone keeps falling behind. Take note of the cycling route terrain and assess if it is manageable. It would be unwise to go on a challenging track if you are inexperienced or ill-prepared.

Ensure that the route is enjoyable and suitable

One of the main goals of cycling is to have fun and enjoy the ride. You want to be relaxed and happy when you cycle. Therefore, you must ensure that the cycling route you choose will be enjoyable. Scenic views, nice picnic spots, or shops to rest at are fun additions to a trail. If a cycling route is uncomfortable and boring it would not be fun to cycle through. If cycling in groups, try to pick a route everyone would likely enjoy.

Best Cycling Routes to Visit in Newcastle

Best Cycling Routes to Visit in Newcastle

Bathers Way

This route is for you if you want a relaxing ride with a view of the coastline. Bathers Way is a scenic route that begins at Bar Beach and ends at Merewether. It is reasonably flat and easy until a hill leads up to Dixon park.

After that hill, the route becomes flat again. The hill is the only somewhat challenging spot in this beautiful coastal route. As such, this can be easily managed by children, which makes it a good route for families. There are even play areas in Dixon Park and Bar Beach where kids can enjoy themselves.

Blue Gum Hills

The Blue Gum Hills Regional Park has multiple cycling routes you can ride on. Blue Gum Hills is a big bushland community park. It also used to be a mining area, some parts of which you could see in some routes. The Loop Road Track is the best to take if you want to see old mining structures. You can also see a huge brick tower that was once connected to the mines for ventilation. It is a fairly flat and easy cycling route with scenic nature surrounding it.

Newcastle Beach to Nobbys Beach Bike Path

This beach bike ride is flat, easy, and does not take too long. If you want more of a challenge, choose to ride on the higher hilly path. You can begin around Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club and ride on the easy lower track.

After that, go towards the Canoe Pool and Newcastle Ocean Baths. You can take a short break and take a dip in the Canoe Pool. When you keep going, you will pass Soldiers Baths and a commemorative statue on the way to Nobbys Beach. This makes it quite an interesting and enjoyable route for nature and history enthusiasts.

Newcastle Harbour Foreshore Bike Path

If you want to feel what Newcastle is really made of, choose this cycling route. This track treats visitors to gorgeous views of the harbour and the beach. You can even find ships, boats, and ferries to look at in the area. This harbour bike goes between Nobbys Beach and Honeysuckle. You can choose where to start depending on what’s convenient. However, this route is a shared path. So, it’s best to schedule your visit during less busy times and watch out for traffic when you go.

Tramway Track

This cycling route is more challenging than the last few tracks above as it has a number of hills. The Tramway Track or Wallsend to Glendale is a former part of an old steam tramway. The route is connected to multiple bike routes, a hospital, and a few universities. Suitable for cycling and walking recreationally, good endurance is recommended for this bike route.

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