How Do Compression Socks Help?

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February 19, 2019 Biking gears

Exercise is definitely a great addition to anyone’s lifestyle as it brings a lot of benefits for the body and the mind. However, it is not without its downsides, although the benefits far outweigh the costs. While exercise can increase the risk of injury, many people have developed many ways of dealing with the downsides of exercise. These methods are effective, and the use of compression clothing is one such method.

Compression gear involves the use of form-fitting clothing for various benefits, but most notably worn during and after exercise. Cyclists move their legs and hips the most during a ride, so the compression socks are commonly seen on riders. Do compression socks really help the rider? What are the benefits of using compression socks?

9 benefits of using compression socks if you are a cyclist

Compression socks aren’t just there for show or style. They’re also functional, and they will help you up your cycling game. If you are considering compression socks, here’s a list of the benefits you can gain by wearing them during and even after a cycling ride.

1. Protection

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

Compression socks can help protect your legs against minor cuts, scrapes, and bumps. Cycling leaves your legs exposed, and the best way to keep them protected, short of wearing jeans, is through the use of compression socks. They will shield your legs from minor injuries without getting in the way of your riding form.

Compression socks for protection are especially useful if you are going for a mountain trail ride, or somewhere with a lot of shrubs and bushes. They will serve to shield your legs against those nasty branches that can cut you.

2. Lactic acid

A study shows that wearing compression socks can help in reducing the amount of lactic acid that remains in muscle during recovery. Lactic acid, also known as lactate, is produced by the body in larger amounts during periods of intense activity and exercise. Cycling is a great candidate for this, and the body produces higher amounts of lactate during a ride. Lactate build-up in the body is related to soreness and other negative effects.

The use of compression socks during recovery, according to studies, tends to lead to a lower amount of lactic acid build-up. This means that lactic acid will be found in your body in lower amounts if you use compression socks. This alone makes the socks worth wearing.

3. Temperature control

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

The material used in creating some socks acts as an insulator to keep your legs warm during rides on cold days. This can help keep your legs and feet from feeling like ice blocks, which will help in pedalling properly during rides.

Other materials can keep your legs from overheating and prevent discomfort. As you exercise, your body will heat up, and this leads to that hot-around-the-collar feeling that we get when we exert ourselves. The materials used in some compression socks will keep this from happening.

4. Keeps moisture away

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

Most compression socks are made with water-wicking materials. These socks are great for keeping away sweat from your legs, as well as in keeping them relatively dry during a drizzly ride.

Keeping moisture away from your legs helps you stay more comfortable while riding. It also keeps things from sticking to your legs because of the wetness.

5. They help with some medical conditions

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

The use of compression socks are recommended by doctors for managing certain medical conditions. These conditions include some types of thrombosis, varicose veins, and oedema. If you are a cyclist with any of these conditions, then all the more reason for you to wear compression socks while you ride.

6. Support and comfort for the feet

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

Compression socks function like normal socks, but with more features. These socks provide an extra padding against the shoes, and this reduces friction between your feet and the material of your footwear. This prevents blisters and scrapes from forming on your foot.

They can also help in providing more cushioning for the ball of your feet and the parts of the foot that bear your weight and the force when you ride. This can further prevent your feet from getting injured.

7. Improves blood flow

Wearing compression socks during and after a ride can help improve the flow of blood to and from your legs. Improving blood flow has many benefits. Some of these benefits include the flushing of lactic acid, increased oxygen and nutrients, and a better flow of metabolic wastes away from your legs.

These will help the affected parts recover much more quickly. Who knew wearing socks was this beneficial?

8. Reduces swelling

How Do Compression Socks Help? » Compression Socks

Exercise and strenuous movement can lead to the swelling of body parts, and this swelling can be quite painful if it happens excessively. This swelling is caused by fluids building up and can be quite common.

The use of compression gear will help keep swelling to a minimum by compressing the areas involved with exercise. Compression socks are perfect for cyclists since the swelling occurs mostly in the legs and feet. This ensures that the fluid does not build up in the legs, and may help reduce pain in those areas.

9. Help with recovery

Compression socks, in general, will help with recovery on account of the many attributes above. Studies have shown that wearing them during and after exercise will allow you to go back to your cycling-ready self much faster than otherwise.

Are you looking for good compression socks to help you ride better and recover faster?

The use of compression socks is beneficial for you in the long run. Not only are they stylish, but they can also prove to be helpful in your cycling and recovery. If you’re looking for a place to supply you with whatever you need for cycling, then check out our shop! Stead Cycles Beresfield supplies amongst the best bikes and cycling accessories in the area. Contact us at 4966 2141 today or drop by our physical store!

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