Great Charity Bike Rides to Watch Out For

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December 12, 2019 Cycling events, Uncategorised

Are you an avid cycling enthusiast? Or perhaps you want to stay in shape, or socialise with others outside. If you are any of the above, then you should consider participating in various bike ride events across NSW.

Aside from the obvious health and fitness benefits, there are other reasons why you should participate in a bike ride event. As you get into shape and interact more with others, you will gradually develop your confidence. Moreover, if you train really hard, you might even place in the event! That’s right, bike races are great ways to test yourself against other and see how well you are in cycling. For others who are not competitive, you can also join these events to work on your personal best time.

Still not convinced? No worries! Many bike events are intended for a greater cause. Some of them are specially organised to help select charities. These selected charities would then improve on its services to help others in dire need.

Why Charity Bike Rides?

Why, then, should you participate in charity bike ride events? These events give out a portion of the proceeds to their selected charities. If you advocate for these charities, attending these bike events is an excellent way to show your support.

All year round, there are numerous charity bike rides taking place across NSW. Here are some of the 2020 charity events you should watch out for.

Great Cycle Challenge Australia (1-31 October 2019)

Happening throughout October 2019, the Great Cycle Challenge allows you to set your own target kilometres. This setting is quite ideal for beginners and experts alike. You only need to register and record your rides.

If you wish to join, you can download the Great Cycle Challenge app to help track your progress. However, setting your progress is not the best thing about this month-long event. The Great Cycle Challenge aims to prevent cancer in children. The more you set on your goal, the more likely your family and friends would sponsor you for the support! Check out their website at

Tour de OROC (7-12 October 2019)

Organised by the Rotary Club of Dubbo South, this event is a 6-day bike ride that began in 2013. This challenging event only takes place every other year. A small number of 30 dedicated cyclists will travel for over 1,000 kilometres in 6 days. This event is dedicated to raising funds for the Macquarie Home Stay in Dubbo.

Macquarie Home Stay is an essential facility that serves families at the Dubbo Hospital, providing a home away from home while they prepare for medical treatment.

Spring Cycle (13 October 2019)

Spring Cycle is a one-day biking event in Sydney. It caters to cyclists of all levels, from its 10km city ride, 20km river ride, 50km classic ride, to the 105km challenge ride.

What’s great about Spring Cycle is that they hold a fundraising event for children with disabilities. For every $1,000 raised, a child with a disability will get a custom-made bike. This way, as a cycling enthusiast yourself, you can be part of them experiencing the thrill of riding a bike.

Zoo2Zoo (17-20 October 2019)

From the name itself, this 4-day event is a 553 kilometre-ride from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to Dubbo’s Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Aside from this safe and enjoyable ride, Zoo2Zoo aims to raise funds and awareness for the Black Dog Institute. This institute aims to enhance our understanding of mood disorders through clinical practice, research, and education. Read more at

Bowral Classic (20 October 2019)

Established in 2016, the Bowral Classic offers different courses that suit anyone’s ability. With four courses ranging from 35 km to 175 km, you will surely find a course that suits your training. And unlike other charity events, which has a single fixed charity, Bowral Classic allows you to choose your own charity. As of now, there are over $300,000 raised for 294 different charities. If you’re interested, visit their website at for more information.

Can4Cancer 2019 (27 October 2019)

Spearheaded by Tour de Cure, this exciting 3-day ride includes a return trip to Sydney via Bowral and Kiama. As the name of the event suggests, it aims to increase awareness about cancer prevention and help find a cure through cancer research.

Harbour2Vine Classic (27 October 2019)

Established as Crowne2Crowne 11 years ago, Harbour2Vine offers a 58-km ride from Rydges Newcastle, to Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. They also offer a 1km ride for children. Proceeds go to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, a fast and reliable emergency rescue service throughout the northern NSW. Visit their website for more information about the event:

MS Sydney to the Gong Ride (3 November 2019)

Catering to 10,000 cyclists, the MS Gong Ride is a legendary and iconic ride stretching from Sydney to Wollongong. For 38 years, this bike event has raised millions in support for people with multiple sclerosis. Visit for more information on their event.

Sydney to the Hunter Cycling Classic (8-9 November 2019)

The annual two-day event is a 180+ km-long ride from Lynwood Country Club to the Hunter Valley. The event itself is organised by one80tc, which aims to rescue lives from the harmful effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Though the ride itself is intended for their associates as part of their rehabilitation, you can still show your support by volunteering, donating, or visiting their website at

Future2 Wheel Classic (21-27 November 2019)

Future2 Wheel Classic is an annual 6-day event across Melbourne. The 6-day ride covers a course of 819 kilometres. Aside from taking this exciting journey, participants must take on the challenge of raising funds. All funds raised go to Future2’s Make a Difference program. It aims to help young Australians lead secure and happy lives. Check out their website at

Tumut Cycle Classic (12 January 2020)

This one-day event takes place on 4 different courses so there’s one for everyone’s ability. Their 100, 75, 40, and 20-kilometre rides will occur around the magnificent Tumut and Little rivers. For the year 2020, they aim to raise funds to purchase two state-of-the-art resuscitation beds. For more information, check out

Loop the Lake Charity Bike Ride (8 March 2020)

Loop the Lake is a charity ride event around the majority of Lake Macquarie. It’s a good location with a good picturesque landscape ideal for a perfect family bonding time. Donations from the event will go to three different charities, including Cancer Council NSW, Camp Quality, and John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

Tour de Cure Signature Tour 2020 (26 March 2020 – 3 April 2020)

Another event organised by the Tour de Cure; their Signature tour involves a longer 9-day ride. It stretches for 1,400 kilometres from Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to Caboolture and Noosa Heads. The event aims to bring all people across Australia together and raise awareness and funds for preventing and curing cancer. Check out the event on their website at

Bobbin Head Cycle Classic (29 March 2020)

For the last 9 years, Bobbin Head Cycle Classic has been an annual fundraiser for Lifeline and other charities. Lifeline is a mental health and suicide prevention hotline that offers 24-hour services across Australia. The event itself features four courses of varying difficulty, with 27, 47, 80, and 104-kilometre rides. Visit their website at

Clare Classic 2020 (5 April 2020)

After its successful debut event in April 2018, the Clare Classic aims to relaunch their event for 2020 with four courses to choose from, all types of cyclists are all covered. The Clare Classic is part of the bigger Gran Fondo events, which collectively has raised over $300,000 for various charities. For more information, visit their website at

The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride (19 April 2020)

From the challenging 100km ride to the more leisurely 20km ride, the Mailrun bike ride offers four different courses. The event will be held along the magnificent view of the Hunter Valley. Proceeds from the event will go to the Singleton Family Support Scheme. SFSS is a non-profit charitable institution that works with families. Check out more by visiting their website at

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