Cycling for Seniors

Cycling for Seniors
April 15, 2021 Biking for Seniors

Keeping our seniors healthy and fit in the new normal.

Cycling keeps you physically fit and serves as an excellent past-time activity for anybody from children to seniors. Bike riders reap benefits like improved cardio-vascular health, meeting new people and being rewarded by a magnificent view of nature.

In Australia, cycling has been declining as the population age. According to a study about the country’s cycling history, several factors such as helmet legislation and unfriendly bike trails cause them to stop. Most of the time, though, it declines with age.

Cycling for Australian Seniors

Cycling for Australian Seniors

Here in NSW, there are several bicycle user groups (BUGs) and cycling trails that you can use to develop or maintain your interest in bike riding and some organisations have held cycling competitions to keep the practice alive.

To make the most out of the cycling experience, take careful consideration with the perfect bicycle for you and the stage of life you are in. As long as you think you are capable, you can go cycling! We believe that cycling is a recreational sport that should be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their age. Of course, if you have a heart condition, or are currently in poor health, please consult a doctor before heading out on a bike.

5 Cycling Benefits for Seniors

5 Cycling Benefits for Seniors

Cycling can be beneficial, promoting a healthy lifestyle, but there are specific benefits for senior cyclists, listed below:

Decreased effects of aging

As we age, our body gradually loses muscle mass, and it might cause limitations in physical activities. Loss of muscle mass increases our overall ageing process which can result in a painful back or joints. Regular cycling can help your body to age slower with your muscle mass preserved from your cycling sessions. 

Improved mental health

Cycling can improve anyone’s mental health. Even if you haven’t suffered any mental health problems when you are younger, you can be challenged as you grow older. We can all tend to become easily bored or lonely if we are not doing anything. Loneliness can lead to anxiety and depression, so it is highly recommended that seniors try to do activities that can boost those happy hormones. 

Improved balance

Unlike younger people, seniors have thinner skin and bones that can get injured easily through slip-and-fall. This makes cycling a great activity, as it can help strengthen muscles, which help you keep your posture correct and enable you to keep your balance.

Lower risk of Alzheimer’s

Doing physical activities such as cycling can reduce levels of Tau in your body, a type of protein usually linked to Alzheimer’s or dementia. Through cycling, you get to improve your brain’s function as you focus and give attention to the trail as you cycle.

Improved socialisation

Adding cycling to your activities can help you with your health and allow you to meet new people by joining a cycling group or even entering cycling competitions that allow you to interact and have fun with your fellow senior bikers. There is a whole cycling community out there for you to discover.

Choosing the Perfect Bicycle for Seniors

If you think cycling can work for you, the next step is to find the bicycle that will work well for you. There are different types of bicycles that you can choose from depending on their purpose. Here’s what you should take note of:

Get your doctor’s clearance to go cycling

Get your doctor’s clearance to go cycling.

Even though you may think don’t need to, it’s best to have your GP’s clearance to assess your physical condition. In some cases, GPs will recommend electronic bicycles, which are more convenient and require less exertion to use.

Know how often you will use it.

Know how often you will use it.

Do you plan to go cycling every day? Or you’ve scheduled a weekly trail trip? No matter the timescale, the trick is to get out regularly. Plus, bicycles require maintenance when not in use, so, if you ride regularly, maintenance will not be such a problem.

Choose your route.

Choose your route.

NSW benefits from several bike trails, at varying levels of difficulty. Will you be cycling off road or on tarmac? On flat paths or in hilly areas? These factors can help you determine which bicycle will be suitable for you. 

Is your budget fit for the bike you're interested in

Is your budget fit for the bike you’re interested in?

Your budget will definitely affect your decision when buying a new bicycle. Make sure that your budget suits your expectations or if you can become a little flexible to invest in a bike that can serve its purpose for a long time.

Ready to Grab a Bike? Stead Cycles is the Place to Go.

Finally decided to grab one but don’t know where to buy the ideal bike for senior members of the family? Head to the experts – Stead Cycles. Our shop has been running since 1923 and we bring pride to our products and services when it comes to bicycles in NSW. 

We offer a wide variety of bicycles for you to choose from with your given budget and we can help you with all the cycling accessories that you will also need, such as bike pumps, water bottles, compression socks, iPhone mounts, and grips, that can elevate your cycling experience.

Our store is located at 29 Landor St., Beresfield, NSW. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 8:30am to 1pm. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you find your ideal bicycle.

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