The Right Biking Accessories When Cycling in Winter

The right biking accessories when cycling in winter - Stead Cycles
May 11, 2022 Biking accessories

The Right Biking Accessories When Cycling in Winter » Biking Accessories

Can you ride a bicycle in winter?

It is tempting to be a couch potato at home when the temperature drops in winter and daylight hours dwindle. But what if you are an avid cyclist? Someone who lives and breathes with your two-wheeler? Can you resist the urge to go out and have some fun in a winter wonderland?

You can take out your winter bike and all its accessories. There is no need to wait for spring or summer. But take note, your safety is our top priority. So, before you head out with your winter gear, check out our list of the right biking accessories when cycling in winter.

The Right Biking Accessories When Cycling in Winter » Biking Accessories

How to prepare your bike for winter cycling

Never say we didn’t warn you – winter cycling can be rough for you and your bike. But there is no need to be anxious about it. With proper care for your bike and the right biking accessories, you will enjoy cycling in winter.

The Right Biking Accessories When Cycling in Winter » Biking Accessories

Biking in Winter: 7 must-have bike accessories

1. Fit Some Mudguards

We know that mudguards don’t look sporty for your bike. But all things are created for a purpose. Not only do mudguards protect your bike from dirt and grit, but your fellow bikers will also thank you for being spared from road spray.

Consider the following when buying bicycle mudguards:

  • Clearance and Eyelets

Check your bike for two things:

  1. Eyelets built into the frame to fit full mudguards.
  2. Enough clearance between the frame and the wheel to accommodate the type of mudguard you want. If there is none, then you can fit full guards to your bike using P-clips. Look for the ones with rubber lining.
  • Length and Style

You may want to consider the length of the mudguard for your bike:

Full mudguards offer better protection than shorter mudguards. This is because they are longer, shield the rider and the bike, and spare anyone behind from dirt spray.

Shorter mudguards offer less protection for you and none whatsoever for any bikers behind you.

  • Brakes

Choose the correct size of mudguards if your bike has rim brakes. Guards that are too wide may jam your wheel and prevent the brakes from working.

2.      Larger and more puncture-resistant tyres

Winter is not the right time to buy feeble lightweight tyres. When you buy winter tyres, go for a little wider than the average. They are heavier and provide a good grip when the roads are slippery.

Challenging winter conditions force tyres to work harder to ward off punctures. Go for tubeless tyres that are compatible with your rims. A generous amount of sealant inside will be able to seal punctures while rolling against harsh winter.

You may also accessorise your bike with winter tyres:

  • Winter Road Tyres

Winter road tyres for road bikes provide the best grip on wet surfaces. Their narrow structure cuts through shallow water, thereby eliminating the need for a water-dispersing tread.

  • Mountain Bike Winter Tyres

Winter cycling is not about speed. Mountain bike winter tyres that provide the most grip are a healthy compromise. Choose tread, tyre pressure, and tyre width that achieve the best grip in winter conditions.

3.      Get Some Lights

With daylight hours dwindling and dark clouds hovering above, you want to see clearly and let others see you.

How bright do your lights need to be? Generally, front lights producing 500 lumens [the total light output] will give the much-needed illumination. They are more than adequate to stand out on the road. Anything above 20 lumens on the rear makes it impossible not to be seen by others.

4.      Stay on Top of Cleaning

Filth and grime in winter make your bike easily dirty. It is essential to give your bike a clean scrub to stay in top condition. In addition, you will save a lot from less frequent purchases of replacement parts such as cables, tyres, and brake blocks.

Thorough cleaning after every ride is also a time to inspect parts. Watch out for loose spokes, worn rims, brake pads, or cuts and debris in your tyres. They are accidents waiting to happen.

Along with cleaning your winter bike, don’t forget to re-lube chains. As avid cyclists would say, friction is the enemy.

A clean bike is a fast bike. So, stick to products that are water-soluble and biodegradable. Be wary of chemical content, though. Too much concentration of products may chip away paint.

5.      Prepare For Mechanicals

Always be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Keep the necessary tools and inner tubes in a waterproof saddlebag. It is highly possible to have punctures in tubeless tyres during winter.

6.      Keep a Bag Handy at All Times

The saddlebag remains constant in carting away spare parts in your bike. But give some love to a bag neatly tied up to your bars. It is a must-have to carry around kit necessary for your winter biking adventure.

7.      Keep an Eye on Your Cables

Thanks to technology, a cable-free bike has become a reality. But are we resigning cables to the archive? Not at all.

These thin steel strands control the precise movements of your brake and gear components. Your safety largely depends on cables. Poor quality or badly-fitted cable wire will surely ruin your bike – and your enjoyment.

The Right Biking Accessories When Cycling in Winter » Biking Accessories

Should I ride in winter?

Your bike is good to go. Don’t forget to take care of yourself out in the cold too:

  • Layers are essential. Choose a breathable, close-fitting base layer under your jersey
  • Thermal and water-resistant cycling tights are good in the cold
  • Go for seam-sealed, waterproof pants with reflective details
  • Bike gloves to keep your extremities warm

If you hang up your bike gear in winter, you miss the fun and excitement. But, there’s nothing to fear. With the right biking accessories and protective outfits, you will love cycling in winter.

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