7 Benefits of Having a Road Bike

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June 17, 2017 Road Bikes

Owning a car has become more expensive these days. Aside from the fuel costs you have to shoulder, car maintenance and accessories can empty your pockets. This is why road bikes are trending now. They are the perfect practical alternative to private transport.

Even if people are used to taking a train or bus, cycling is still the best option to take. A road bike, although lightweight, is the sports car of cycling – less the fuel expenses and everything cumber some about cars!

Practical benefits of using road bikes

Still a bit hesitant to own a road bike? Here is a list of some of the many benefits of having a road bike:

1. A road bike is way cheaper than a car.

As mentioned, road bikes will also take you to the places you need to go to, without having to spend a lot. Not saying that you’re a cheapskate, but being smart about money is sexy. You can spend the saved money on more important stuff and still have wheels people will envy.

2. A road bike is built tough.

It may be made with lightweight materials, but a road bike is heavy duty. Road bikes are designed for cycling on the road, as its name suggests, yet they are not limited to only a kilometre-long route. They are also perfect for racing, touring, or triathlon, on any hard smooth surface. If you are into any of these events, you better grab your own road bike now.

3. A road bike is all about speed.

Given its frame and components, a road bike is the fastest among all the other styles of bikes. Its large diameter wheels and narrow tires make all cyclists jealous. Other bikes also require you to sit more upright, which allows wind resistance to slow you down. The reach riding position for road bikes enables the rider to pedal hard without having to deal with too much wind resistance.

4. A road bike is ergonomically constructed.

Aside from the reach riding position for road bikes, the sports car of bicycling maintains a rigid frame and fork. No sort of suspension exists. This feature of a road bike actually saves weight, making it easier for a rider to pedal uphill.

Same goes with the handlebars: you lean forward, your weight does not activate a suspension. Your energy is then converted to a powerful acceleration.

5. A road bike is advantageous to you as an individual.

Riding a road bike is a cardio workout, which is good for you. In addition to that, it is an exercise done outside, mostly under the sun. With the proper attire, you can acquire the Vitamin D you need. This helps you sleep well at night by reducing the stress hormone in your body.

To know more about the health benefits of riding a road bike, Harvard Medical School published an article for you.

6. A road bike is beneficial to the society, too.

By pedalling your way to work, you reduce the number of private cars on the roads. This means lighter traffic, less emitted smoke, and lower chances of road tragedies. Riding a road bike contributes to a more sustainable environment as well. Guess what, no carbon footprint at all! Such a win-win situation, don’t you think?

7. A road bike is the complete package.

Having laid out some amazing benefits of having a road bike, it is fitting to say this: Other bikes out there may have different edge, but for cyclists like you, a road bike is the top choice. It is lightweight, fast, and efficient. You can also choose from a myriad of design. Ah, road bikes are cool! What more can you ask for?

You can keep calm now, and grab that dream road bike of yours. If you are still looking for the best quality road bikes in Australia, Stead Cycles has got you covered! Give us a ring at 4966 2141 and speak with our sales specialists.

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