10 Reasons to Start Biking Now

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October 28, 2017 Biking benefits

There are many reasons why biking is one of the most popular modes of transportation in the world. Aside from being a healthy, recreational activity, biking is also one of the best and fastest ways to get about.

There are a hundred reasons why you should start biking now. Here are 10 of them!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should get down to the nearest bike shop and get yourself your own bicycle.

1. Biking is good for your heart.

If you want to be healthier and more physically active, biking is definitely one of the best exercises that you can do. Biking is an aerobic activity that can increase your body temperature, help you breathe better, and benefit your cardiovascular system.

Biking can increase the blood flow in your body and your overall heart rate for an extended period of time. Cycling several times a week can lessen your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure.

2. Biking is good for your mind.

Biking is not only good for your heart, but it can also help you think better and improve your mental health. Biking is a good and fun way to exercise that also helps reduce anxiety and stress.

A high-intensity aerobic exercise like biking can help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks. It can also help you produce endorphins – a good way to naturally manage stress.

3. Biking can increase your energy.

Ever wonder why you feel fatigued and tired every day? The feeling of tiredness can greatly affect your productivity and relationships. Biking is one way to increase your energy and revitalise you. It has been shown that biking outdoors can help improve your mood and give you more energy.

4. Biking can help you lose weight.

If you do not have the time to go to the gym, or you are simply looking for a fun new exercise, biking is one of the best options. Biking can help you lose a significant amount of weight. All you need is a bike and the outdoors to start this fun and healthy weight loss activity. Biking vigorously for 30 minutes or more can help you burn up the calories.

5. Biking can help lessen the risk of cancer.

It has been shown that along with a healthy diet, exercise is key to lessening the risk of cancer. Biking regularly can help maintain a healthy weight. It can lower the risk of breast cancer in women, and colorectal and lung cancer in men.

10 Reasons to Start Biking Now

6. Biking can improve your sex life.

Aside from giving you added energy and a better physique, research also shows that biking improves cardiovascular health. It can also produce feel-good hormones that can get you in the mood for intimacy. Biking can also make you look better and more physically fit, thus giving you self-confidence and increased sexual desirability.

7. Biking can give you a longer life.

Regular physical activity and exercise like cycling can help you manage your weight better and give you better overall health. Studies show that cyclists who bike longer distances can reap health benefits that will contribute to a longer and more productive life.

8. Biking can help you avoid traffic.

Losing hours in traffic on a commute can affect your productivity and mood. Riding a bike to work or to school can actually lessen your travel time.

9. Biking can help you save money.

Biking everyday can help you save a significant amount of money. Rather than spending money on car maintenance, parking and gas, you can invest in a bike to help you get to places while saving money.

10.Biking is environment-friendly.

Aside from being a healthy exercise, biking can also help reduce the pollutants in the environment. Because biking does not use fuel, you can bike anywhere without emitting harmful emissions.

Biking has all these great benefits, l so you have every reason to start biking now. Get a high-quality bike from a reputable bike shop like Steads Cycle and have it serviced regularly.

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