10 Best Gift Ideas for a Cyclist

10 Best Gift Ideas for a Cyclist
March 11, 2021 Bike accessories

Whether it’s for the holidays or for a special occasion

Cycling has become more and more popular in Australia. In fact, it ranks 5th in Australia’s top 20 sports and physical activities. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have one or two family and friends who are into the sport.

Are you wondering about the best gift for a cyclist? If you’re shopping for gift ideas for a special someone who’s into cycling, you’re in luck! Read on to see our list of gift ideas for bikers or cyclists.

What Do You Give to a Cycling Enthusiast?

Whether you need a gift for a budding young cyclist, a competitive racer, or a weekend enthusiast, this list is sure to have that special something you are looking for.

Cycling computer

1. Cycling computer

For serious cyclists, a ride is not complete without statistics. They want to record everything, from the route they take to speed, distance, elevation and even heart rate. There’s one device that records all these and more – the cycling computer. The latest models offer Bluetooth, ANT+ and Wi-Fi connections. They can also upload ride data to third-party cycling apps such as Strava, Zwift, Rouvy, and TrainingPeaks.

A new helmet

2. A new helmet

Weight plays a significant role in cycling. For example, a lighter bike is easier and more fun to handle. When it comes to helmets, lighter models offer more comfort and help stave off fatigue. Helmet manufacturers are continuously coming out with lighter, safer, and more aerodynamic products that are more efficient at cooling the head.

There are a lot of different helmets available on the market with varying price points. They come in a variety of colours, too. Brands such as Bontrager, Giro, Nutcase, ANGi and Bell top the list of the most popular helmets. Make sure to read up about safety and performance before buying one. 

Cycling cap

3. Cycling cap

Some cyclists wear caps under their helmet, some don’t. So, skip this if your giftee is opposed to wearing one. In case you are really looking for a cycling cap, it would be good to know where and when it will be used.

There are several materials to consider: wool, cotton and synthetic. Wool keeps you warm after it gets wet, making it ideal for cold weather rides. Synthetic fabrics are lightweight and breathable. Some are UV-resistant to protect you from the sun while others have a durable water repellent (DWR) coating to make them water-resistant. Apis from Italy is a brand worth looking into, as their caps look amazing whether you are cycling or enjoying a cup of coffee after your ride.

A new pair of sunglasses

4. A new pair of sunglasses

You have to agree, sunglasses not only protect the wearer, but they also make them look good. Aesthetics aside, a pair of cycling shades shields the eyes from the sun, rain, and wind. It also offers impact protection from flying bugs, stones, and other road debris.

Some of the more expensive models have polarised lenses that reduce glare, and as a result, eye irritation. Photochromic or transition lenses add value to any sunglasses, as they make the change from light to dark and vice-versa faster and better. But the one non-negotiable thing is 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection. This will reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays, which is crucial if you want to enjoy riding for a long time to come.


5. Saddlebags

Cycling outfits are not designed to carry anything. So where do cyclists store their phones, tools and other items? Of course, they carry a bag.

A saddlebag is a stylish and low key way to store anything a rider might need for a ride. Sizes range from sleek and simple to capacious. You’ll get bonus points if you fill your saddlebag gift with the necessary tools and tubes, so the recipient can just fasten it to their bike and go.

Bottle cages

6. Bottle cages

Choose a bottle cage that is both lightweight and holds a water bottle securely. A bottle cage made from carbon is recommended, as it reduces weight while making sure the water bottle is secure. Other materials available are plastic and aluminium.  


7. Socks

A cycling outfit is not complete without the socks. Unlike everyday socks, cycling socks pack a load of technology. They are breathable and thin enough for those snug fitting cycling shoes. These special socks are moisture-wicking as well, to deal with sweaty feet. They are specially designed with the cyclist’s comfort in mind.

Sturdy bike lock

8. Sturdy bike lock

Bikes don’t come cheap. Some models attract thieves more than others. No matter the price, nobody wants to even think of someone stealing their bike. A solid, sturdy lock discourages thieves from stealing a bike.

Kryptonite is one of the leading makers of bicycle locks, and they offer a wide range of products. Kryptolock, one of their bestsellers, has a 12.7mm steel shackle and four-foot double-looped cable. You can get one for nearly the same price as a cheap, unreliable locks.

Wax-based chain lube

9. Wax-based chain lube

Gift them a high quality lube, and you’ll be helping them maintain the performance of their bike. By applying a wax-based chain lube, your giftee will be able to retain a slick-shifting drivetrain and avoid unnecessary wear to expensive bike parts. Some of the more popular brands of this lube are Smoove, Squirt, and absoluteBLACK.

Gift boxes

10. Gift boxes

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Take a look at these amazing gift boxes from Cycle Gift Co. They offer three different gift boxes priced at $50, $75, and $95 for you to choose from.

Each box contains cycling essentials from Australian companies, such as Zeff cycling socks, Bindi Nutrition natural sports hydration sachet, KODA energy gel and Zeroda high-performance sports wash. You can even customise a box for $105.

Don’t Forget the Best Gift of All

A cyclist isn’t a cyclist without a bike. So, give budding riders the gift of bikes from Stead Cycles. We offer a complete range of bike accessories and equipment as well, so you can get everything under one roof. Visit our store today to see what we have for you, or get in touch with our sales team for your enquiries.